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If you want to support children with cancer and their families, you are in the right place.

The For a Day Foundation offers premier programming in renown facilities across the nation and we strive to continuously grow. The nature of our programs is simple – but our vision stretches further than the basic hospital visit. We aim to create a community leader, collaborator, and influencer.

The FADF seeks volunteers that want to create an entity beyond themselves, to establish local chapters that live on even when the originator steps away from leadership. We strive to reach as many children as possible, so our chapters need to operate on a long-term vision as well.

Local Chapter Directors are the primary opportunity for hands-on involvement with FADF. Directors' main responsibility is implementing FADF programming:
-organizing hospital visits (at least two per year)
-recruiting volunteers
-communicating activity to the national office

Chapter Directors must be at least 21 years of age and available to attend hospital visits during business hours (9am – 5pm) Monday – Friday. Please also visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Leading a local chapter is a delicate balance between entrepreneurial responsibility and team-player attitude, acute attention to detail while maintaining a “think big” mindset, and initiative and operating within set policy.

As a non-profit, we adhere to strict reporting procedures around program activity (e.g., hospital visits), donations, and fund-raising, so Directors must be open to learning and respecting these procedures. Previous non-profit experience is not required and all new directors will be orientated to non-profit operating parameters in our “chapter-in-training” process.

Skills and qualities needed in Local Chapter Directors include:

-initiative -to be non-averse to new projects
-to be resourceful

-creative, persistent personality

-sets goals -respect for the training/learning process
-effective time management -powerful communication (persuasive, concise, use of proper grammar and punctuation)

Current Local Chapter Directors say these qualities have been integral to their success:

-knowledge of public relations
-ability to interact on an executive level
-strong verbal communication
 -team leadership
-budgeting and fund-raising

To apply for Local Chapter Directorship, complete the initial application here, then email JEdwards @ qfad.org with your resume. The application will ask for two references and we ask that both be professional in nature. We prefer at least one to be from a current or former manager or employer. The other can be a teammate, co-worker, business partner, or volunteer from another organization. Please notify your references that we will ask them to fill out a recommendation form.

We will then send you a second application to fill out. Upon review of the resume, first and second applications, and recommendations, we will request a phone interview.

If chosen for a Local Chapter Director, you will receive a contract to review, sign, and return. You'll then receive a policy manual to review and instructions for participating in the training program.
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