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DATE: August 5, 2011
LOCATION: Children’s Hospital, Boston MA

Logistics: The party ran from 1-3pm on Friday afternoon in the Media & Entertainment room
located next to pre-op, and attracted roughly 80-90 participants of mixed gender ranging from
three years old to twenty-one (average age was 8). My team of 9 volunteers included 4 young
firefighters from the Boston Fire Department, a certified makeup artist, three 24-year old girls,
and myself. We put 5 rectangular tables together to form horseshoe which included: Fireman table; Makeup station; Manicure station; Tiaras/Boas table; Arts & Crafts – make your own frame

Attendees: The majority of the children who attended the party were patients on their way into
surgery and had the opportunity to stop in with their parents and siblings before heading in for
their procedures. While we extended the offer to do individual visits for those who couldn’t
make it, we did not have any requests, but rather had many nurses/specialists come down for
goody bags and supplies to deliver. Almost every child who came sat down to make a frame,
which was super easy because we used the foam with stickers and paint pens, versus actual paint. Those who didn’t participate in the arts and crafts project were getting their makeup or nails done, hanging out with the Firemen, or getting their photos taken, which everybody loved.

• I had 4 different kids ask me if I was either “coming back tomorrow?” or “coming everyday?” – Which, in itself, is just awesome.
• The firemen were a huge hit and were phenomenal overall – could not have chosen a better group to work with! The children were actually asking for their autographs— showing that they truly were looked upon as local heroes.
• One of the little girls who was connected to an IV that had to roll beside her went from not speaking to anybody, to calling me her “best friend” after we gave her her “make-over”. She ended up making three frames and stayed for the entire event. Her mother was amazed by her “mood swing” saying that she hadn’t seen her happy in “a very long time.”

With this being my first party, I’d say my most unique experience of the day was working with an 18-year old girl who was bed-ridden and wheeled into the event by her younger sister, accompanied by her parents. To be frank, when I first agreed to steer the Boston Chapter for FADF, I automatically assumed and prepared for the fact that the very young pediatric patients would most likely hit me the hardest emotionally. However, while it was indeed extremely heart-wrenching to work with the little ones, this teenage girl /young adult really touched my heart above all.

She was stunning, but was so ill and thus very thin. She couldn’t move and was visibly in a lot of pain, but was fully present mentally and emotionally. Regardless of her condition, she smiled—the entire time. She participated in every activity with a positive attitude and excitement—makeup, nails painted, tiara and boa, frame making (by her sister), photo taken, goody bag, etc.

I had the opportunity to personally paint her nails and got to talking with her one-on-one while her family walked around. We didn’t chat about anything in particular or serious—mainly just about regular girl things—nail polish colors and brands that don’t chip quickly, she complimented me on my sundress, I pointed out her Ray Ban wayfarer sunglasses that were folded up in her bed next to her (I own the same pair). After we finished, I got to thinking about what my life was like at her age (18)—picking out a dress for senior prom, entering freshman year of college—the fun, nervousness, and exhilaration of being an independent adult finally. The fact that this young woman did not allow her condition to rob her of optimism, sense of humor, and her inner beauty
as a young woman was astounding. I won’t forget the impact she had on me personally and am grateful to have had the opportunity to meet such a strong individual.

• Several parents came up to me and personally thanked me for throwing the event and looked relieved to sit down and relax for a couple of hours while their kids were taken care of by our staff.
• According to an email from the ChildLife Specialist, “Children, parents, and staff are still talking about how great the event was and how much fun they had at it! You made a truly wonderful and magical experience for our patients!” She has asked that we come back as soon as possible, which I’m hoping will be in the March-April time frame.

**This is the first event under new directorship from the events below.**

Boston Children’s Hospital
Event Date: November 3, 2008
Volunteers: 7

The Boston Chapter of Queen for a Day made its way back into the heart of Massachusetts for the first event of the year held at Boston Children’s Hospital on November 3, 2008. In total 7 volunteers made their way out to help pamper our Queens and Heroes including the reigning Beauties of America 30's Queen from New England, Lisa Mulvey.

We had make-up and nail polish set up along with a table full of jewelry for the girls and race cars and dress-up attire set aside for the boys. The boys had a great time as they were able to choose between becoming a military man, policeman, or firefighter and the girls were able to dress themselves with as many jewels as their heart desired.

Everyone had a great time being pampered and dressing up and with the holidays right around the corner we had numerous craft tables set up for everyone to rotate between! Door hangers, coloring stations, and mini holiday tote bags were among the crafts offered and it sure kept the smiles bright. One by one, the girls received a tiara and their place on the thrown, while the boys received firefighter hats along with a personal photo to keep.

The parents were equally excited to have us at the hospital and we look forward to returning in the near future. A huge thank you goes out to all the volunteers and staff for brightening the day of so many!
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