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Washington, DC

DATE: Saturday, April 16, 2011
LOCATION: Georgetown University Hospital

**The inaugural event of the DC chapter revival under new directorship**

Based on the proximity of that date to Easter 2011, it was decided to incorporate an Easter
theme. We agreed that events like Easter Egg Hunts were such a cultural norm that the hospital would be fine with the inclusion of Easter-themed candy (e.g., chocolate eggs, jelly beans) within the context of the event’s theme.

In addition to Easter candy purchased from Dollar Tree, pizza was ordered from Domino’s Georgetown and beverages, cookies and cupcakes were provided by Kathleen Foy of Georgetown University Medical Center.

During the event, our visiting titleholders spent time performing makeovers on the girls who
participated and our visiting NCAA Sweet Sixteen 2011 champion basketball players visited the rooms of several boys and talked to them about sports, good sportsmanship, etc.

We were thrilled to enjoy a visit during this event by Founder Jenna Edwards who was in  town visiting friends. She arrived with a few fun items to enrich the day including nail polish for the girls who participated. And, although one of our visiting titleholders, Jordyn Goddard, Miss College Park 2011, got lost on the way (she went to George Washington University Hospital instead of coming to Georgetown University Medical Center); she brought greeting cards to present to each of the children who participated. Our guests enjoyed the pizza, candy, cookies, cupcakes and beverages that were available in a nearby guest waiting room and everyone – patients and volunteers alike – reported having immensely enjoyed the experience that they day provided. The DC Chapter is grateful for the participation of everyone who helped guarantee the success of this event, which successfully launched the revival of our chapter here in the Nation’s Capital!

DATE: June 2009
LOCATION: Children's National Medical Center

The event took place at the Children's National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. and was sponsored by an outside organization in cooperation with the Medical Center.  The Queen for a Day committee members and queens helped many of the young girls and boys get "dressed" for a prom night, put on by an outside organization at the hospital.  In total, there were an estimated 200 girls and 115 boys attending the event, along with family members of these patients.  As "queens", we helped pick out accessories and donated clothing to get the patients ready to arrive at the prom in style.  We used all the crowns that were sent to dub each girl as a "Prom Queen" and "Champion" over her illness.  The boas left over from a previous event were used as accessories for some of the girls entering the the prom.  It was a rewarding experience for 4 of our volunteers who attended, including my sister, Miss Maryland Teen USA, Miss District of Columbia's Outstanding Teen, Miss Virginia's Outstanding Teen, and myself, Miss Greater Baltimore.


The Capital chapter of Queen for a Day hosted a Queen for a Day and Heroes party to pamper 4 girls and 3 boys as part of Special Love, Inc.’s Family Fun Weekend for families of children with cancer. 

Boys and girls were invited to attend and first made visors as an arts and crafts project.  After this was finished, the boys were able to meet with a local Deputy of the Warren County Sheriff’s Department where they were given coloring books, pencils, and Sheriff’s badges.  The boys especially loved it when the Deputy showed them her handcuffs and made the sirens of the police car go off.  The girls were pampered by our volunteers with manicures and then were given crowns and matching jewelry and dubbed as Queens for the Day.  The boys and girls were also given special goody bags before they left.  The boys had bags with “squishy spidermen”, paddle balls, and other miscellaneous items and the girls had bags with Hannah Montana diaries, littlest pet shop coloring pads, and other items as well.  There were a few children who attended who also came last year and expressed that this was one of the events they had been waiting for! Although we had far fewer guests than anticipated (we were told 9 boys and 11 girls) and the no other local titleholders could attend due to Memorial Day travels and finishing up school, I still believe that the event was a huge success! 

The following titleholders participated:  Shannon Beam, Miss Greater Richmond 2009.

DATE: May 4, 2008
LOCATION: Georgetown University Hospital

This event was originally supposed to be held in February of 2008, but due to inclement weather it was postponed until May 4.  The child life contact, Linda Kim, had secured sponsors for food and beauty supplies.  Each girl visited 3 different stations, one where they had their nails done, then moved to get makeovers, and last to make arts and crafts.  After all of the girls were finished, we made them official queens by having the traditional Queen for a Day ceremony. 

Each girl received a tiara and boa and a special gift bag filled with Hannah Montana trading cards, princess stickers, a coloring book, a puzzle, and many other fun knick-knacks.  Each girl then got an official picture taken with the titleholder who crowned her, and her family.  Spiderman was even there to keep the boys company and be taken on an “outdoor adventure”.  Once the main event was completed, the titleholders went upstairs to visit some of the inpatients who were unable to make it down to the party.
The following titleholders participated:  Shannon Beam, Miss Central Virginia 2008; Jordan Forbes, Miss Greater Richmond 2008; Kristena Wright, Miss Fairfax 2008; Mary Adams, Miss Greater Baltimore 2008; Kristen Rivas, Miss Charm City 2008, and Caroline Kuhlman, Miss Burtonsville 2008.

Special Love, Inc.’s Family Fun Weekend, May 2008
The Capital chapter of Queen for a Day hosted a Queen for a Day and Heroes party as part of Special Love, Inc.’s Family Fun Weekend for families of children with cancer.
Boys and girls were invited to attend and first made doorknob hangers as an arts and crafts project.  After this was finished, the boys were able to meet with Deputy Darren Hunt of the Warren County Sheriff’s Department where they were given coloring books, pencils, and Sheriff’s badges.  The boys especially loved it when Deputy Hunt showed them his handcuffs.  The girls were pampered by our visiting queens and volunteers with manicures and then were given crowns and matching jewelry and dubbed as Queens for the Day. 

The boys and girls were also given special goody bags before they left.  The boys had bags with “sticky frogs” and other miscellaneous items and the girls had bags with makeup, nail polish, stickers, and other items as well.  Many parents expressed that their visit with Queen for a Day was the highlight of their entire family fun weekend.  This event was a huge success!
The following titleholders participated:  Shannon Beam, Miss Central Virginia 2008; Xandra Brown, Miss Greater Richmond’s Outstanding Teen 2008; Katie Uze, Miss Greater Springfield 2008; and Sarah Smoot, Miss Teen Virginia International.

DATE: December 9, 2006
LOCATION: Children's National Medical Center

Piggy backing on the success of the February 2006 Spa Day, Capital Queen for a Day hosted a SPALIDAY (A Spa Day for the Holiday) with Children’s National Medical Center on December 9, 2006.  This special day brought together roughly 25 patients and siblings ranging in age from toddlers to high school seniors, a designated volunteer for each participant, nine titleholders from the surrounding area, plus Santa Claus!

Though SPALIDAY was the largest event Capital Queen for a Day has hosted, it was by far the most organized and efficient of our many events.  We grouped activities in special time zones – for instance, manicures, pedicures and makeovers took place from 11 – 1130 AM; an autograph and photo session with the Pageant Queens and Santa Claus began at roughly 11:45; ornament decorating and dress up time began at roughly 12:15; and, the crowning, followed by pizza time, began at 12:50 PM.  Granted things did veer off of schedule, but the more ill children truly benefited from things being a little less chaotic. 
Not only was SPALIDAY the most organized of our events, but it was also the fanciest!  Due to the commitment of our new Fundraising Q-mittee Chair Beth Millas and Events Q-mittee Chair Valerie Reyes, and fundraising partners Capitol Lounge and SMASHED, plus the generosity of our individual donors, we were equipped with the tools and resources needed to transform the mini atrium of the hospital into a winter wonderland.  Our volunteers climbed balconies to put up huge nutcracker displays; inflated a four foot Frosty the Snowman and huge chair for Santa Claus; strategically placed brick and frosted window wall displays; blew up countless balloons and filled seemingly endless gift bags with tissue paper and goodies; and, compiled mini photo/autograph albums for the kids.

The implementation of the buddy system was another key ingredient to this event’s success.  Rather than having the patients and siblings wander around, each patient was greeted by their own special event buddy (volunteer) and provided an individualized schedule of activities and their very own soft spa robe.  Next the buddy would take the girl to the first activity on their schedule, and, as she painted the little girl’s nails or provided a makeover, the two of them laughed, talked, and got to know each other.  After, the two would go on to the next item on the agenda and so on.  During their pedicures, patients and sibs received a very special surprise – a foot and leg massage from a local entrepreneur! 

Our Pageant Queen Liaison Kevin Mohorn never ceases to amaze us; to dazzle the patients during SPALIDAY, he gathered nine stunning pageant queens: Miss Maryland 2006 Brittany Lietz, Miss Maryland's Outstanding Teen 2006 Hannah Mollerick, Miss Maryland USA 2007 Michae Holloman, Miss Maryland Teen USA 2007 Allison Farrow, Miss Burtonsville 2006 Amber Coffman, Miss Chesapeake Bay 2006 Ashley Windle, Miss Mason Dixon 2006 Shannon Beam, Ms. Curves America 2006 Joi Bannister, and Ms. North America Galaxy 2007 Radiah Hyatte.
You can imagine the look on the girls’ faces when halfway through their mani, pedi, and makeup time, the titleholders and Santa Claus arrived to the mini atrium as a group of glamorous and glittering individuals.  After we announced each of the queens and Santa, the kids were bursting with excitement for the chance to meet the “celebrities.”  During the autograph and photo session I overhead one little girl ask a titleholder how she became a princess.

Some of the children clung to the group of pageant queens and Santa, while others headed to Santa’s Workshop to select a hot pink, lime green or royal purple ornament which they would decorate with fun glitter paint and ribbons.  Others visited the costuming department to make their very own beaded necklaces and bracelets, while adorning themselves in straw floppy hats, makeshift shoulder wraps, and Dr. Seuss hats.  One girl took things into her own hands, snatching glitter paint from Santa’s Workshop and customizing her very own Dr. Seuss masterpiece!  Others sorted through the prints from the digi-cam printer to find snapshots of themselves with queens and/or Santa and sat down with their buddy to begin inserting the photos into their autograph books.

While most of the kids were occupied, some of the queens and volunteers armed themselves with tiaras and other goodies and headed to the inpatient rooms to provide special one-on-one parties.  When everyone returned, the traditional coronation ceremony began.  Many of the queens had used their own time and money to put together special gift bags in an effort to make each little girl feel like the most special little girl on the planet.  One by one each patient was announced and escorted to the front of the group of titleholders where she was crowned with her very own glittering tiara and hot pink feather boa and presented with the queens’ gift bags.  Then…pizza time!

After being showered with attention from buddies, queens, parents, child life staff, and Santa, each little girl felt she was Queen for a Day; I have no doubt that each will also have confidence for a lifetime

DATE: February 11, 2006
LOCATION: Children's National Medical Center

Capital Queen for a Day and Potomac Power, which is Children’s National Medical Center’s activity group for teens with cancer, joined forces on February 11 to raise the self-esteem and confidence of ten teen patients and siblings combined.

The guests were greeted immediately upon arrival by a large group of area titleholders, including Miss DC Teen USA 2006 Jasmine Niernberger, Miss Southern Maryland 2006 Melissa Gibson, Miss Arlington 2006 Adrianna Sgarlata, Miss Maryland USA 2006 Melissa DiGiulian, Miss Patuxent 2006 Leah Ledbetter, Ms. North America Galaxy 2006 Radiah Hyatte, Miss DC USA 2006 Candace Allen, and Mrs. Virginia 2005 Rose Lopez Keravuori.

After changing from their street clothes into plush terry-cloth spa robes and pedicure slippers, the teens selected one of five stations to begin their day of pampering; manicures and pedicures with the volunteers and titleholders; makeovers provided by three Mary Kay artists; wig shopping courtesy of area business Crowning Alternatives; or the snack table which included both chicken and fruit kabobs, chocolate covered strawberries, cupcakes, and more, courtesy of Federal City Caterers.

The teens were also immediately drawn toward the goodie bags which included tee-shirts, towels, nail polish, lip gloss pens, and a host of other spa supplies courtesy of Potomac Power.  Part of the allure was the presentation of the goodie bag itself – a sturdy, hot pink Betsey Johnson bag, stuffed with pink tissue paper, courtesy of the Tysons’s Corner Betsey boutique.

A group of titleholders and a special volunteer who had survived cancer as a child herself headed to the inpatient ward armed with goodie bags, tiaras, and feather boas, to provide in-room parties to three girls who couldn’t make it to the big party.  The group pampered a 24 year old female and a special five year old having particularly difficult times.  Thankfully, we had supplies for smaller children on hand and were able to provide the five year old with age appropriate goodies such as necklaces, sunglasses, and rings.

One titleholder and our special volunteer were permitted to visit a teenage transplant patient and although we were unable to provide the teen a true party due to sanitation concerns, we were able to show her the treats through plastic.  After her transplant phase is completed, she will receive each of the items and she and her family will have their own party together.  The patient and the family had a special connection with our cancer survivor as they were all from South Carolina originally and our survivor had undergone transplant at about the same age as the patient.  It was so uplifting to see the patient’s confidence skyrocket after coming face to face with a survivor.

As things began to wrap up at the main party, patients and siblings were crowned as champions over their illness by an attending titleholder.  The hospital staff remarked that many of the patients we worked with during the teen spa day are very sad and self-conscience about their current situations; thanks to our group each patient was able to, if even momentarily, forget their illnesses and indulge in the luxuries of being a healthy girl.  And that is exactly what we had all hoped.

Capital Queen for a Day (Capital QFAD) would like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who contributed, attended, or otherwise helped make last night's fundraiser a huge success.  Together, after settling the bill with TOTH, we raised $670 to help pediatric cancer patients feel like the little queens and brave heroes that they are.   
Your generous donations will help fund special events that brighten a child's day and put a smile on a weary parent's face; help a mother see their ill child as a little kid again - full of energy and worry free; provide lifelong memories to help patients get through what may feel to them like a neverending day; and gently remind a child that they are beautiful, remarkable, and resilient. 
Please give a special round of applause to David All, Cassandra Harrison, and Ken Spain for rallying an enormous amount of support for last night's event through endless calls and emails.
A huge thanks to the following individuals and organizations for donating $50 or more:
Michael Crain, Kim Crews, Federal City Caterers (c/o Jessie Robinson), and Bill Pietrucha (of Capitol Cabaret).
Finally, another thank you to Tina Winland and Janis Lenderman for volunteering at the event.

DATE: September 17, 2005
LOCATION: Children's National Medical Center



Capital Queen for a Day teamed up with Children's National Medical Center (CNMC) to bring the nationally recognized confidence building program to Washington, D.C. in the summer of 2005 and hosted a successful kickoff event on Saturday, September 17. 


Area titleholders Miss College Park Erica Williams, Miss District of Columbia Shannon Schambeau, Miss Virginia All American Samira Fazel, and Miss Teen Virginia Elle Bunn, joined an army of volunteers, a photographer, two makeup artists from Mary Kay, and three representatives from CNMC – Amy, Lynn, and Kellie, to help pamper approximately 20 young female patients and siblings.


Together, the team transformed the Oncology Waiting Room into a princess party, an Administrative Office into a "Star Dressing Room", and an ordinary hallway into a special runway.   The atmosphere was perfect with party tunes like Madonna's "Vogue" and Cyndie Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun."


Each of the five tables in the party room was used for a different station which included an appetizer area with peanut butter & jelly tea sandwiches, cookies, frosted cake, cupcakes and punch; a cookie and cupcake decorating table for the Martha Stewart wannabes; Mary Kay's makeover station; a manicure and pedicure corner; and a make-your-own princess wand station.  


The Star Dressing Room was outfitted with formal and cocktail dresses, skirts, pashminas (a.k.a. children sized fleece blankets), floppy hats, tall red and white striped hats, a jewelry case of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and sunglasses, and feather boas in a variety of loud colors.   Queens raced to try on different looks in between other station rotations.  


Throughout the two hour event, volunteers encouraged individuality allowing each child to choose makeup colors from the Mary Kay consultants, dress up clothing combinations, and complete creative control of the design of cookies, cupcakes, and princess wands.  


Initially frustrated that all of the dresses were on other girls, one diva compromised with a matching lavender skirt and "pashmina," huge sunglasses, a bright feather boa, floppy hat, and enough "ice" to make Jennifer Lopez jealous.   Another little girl used clothes hanger ties as spaghetti straps to hold up a Cinderella-inspired white strapless dress.  While it was designed as knee-length, on the princess it graced the floor perfectly as a ballgown.  


For the coronation ceremony, all adults relocated from the party room to the end of the runway while the little queens assembled for their big debut.   First titleholders presented siblings one by one and crowned each with a rhinestone tiara.  Afterward, patients were introduced in the same fashion and were crowned with a rhinestone tiara plus a special crown tack pin.   Each queen was met at the end of the runway by the flashing cameras of joyous parents and our official photographer – which collectively resembled paparazzi.  


There are no words that can truly describe the reward of turning a little girl's frown upside down for the first time as a new chapter.   Every diva needs a day with the girls sometimes and we look forward to another day with these special little queens just as much as they are looking forward to seeing us again. 

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